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Offer a solution with the aim of a reduction in environmental impact

Paritehtävä: Tämän kilpailutehtävän tekijöillä (työpari, 2 hlöä) on mahdollisuus päästä edustamaan Suomea kansainväliseen kilpailuun Yhdysvaltoihin (NY) kesäkuussa 2020.

Social Responsibility plan should offer environmental solutions for existing businesses and industries, with the aim of a reduction in environmental impact. You must offer a 5-minute Powerpoint/Prezi (or similar) presentation promoting your business plan to make a change within their target business or industry. The business plan should include an analysis of the current environmental impact of the business/industry, a description of the proposed changes, and analysis of the impact of these changes on the environment.  The plan should then explore the financial cost of implementation and the impact of implementation on the company’s position in the market (including the impact of any change in price, change in customer experience of the product, obstacles to delivery, etc.).  You should also examine potential competition from other sustainability models, and make the case for their own plan as the best solution.

Make a business plan and a business pitch (video).

  • The business plan must be no more than 15 pages long, including 2 page executive summary.
  • Video: Present your project as a business pitch, using your Powerpoint/Prezi presentation in a business-like setting. The presentation should be no more than 5 minutes.

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