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Make a business plan for a greener or more sustainable future.

Make a business plan a for greener or more sustainable future

Pair work

You may offer a new product or technology to decrease human impact on the environment, or you can offer improvements to existing products or technologies to make them greener or more sustainable.  This involves a combination of science, engineering and business sense. Participants must offer the product, technology, or enhancement along with a plan to bring this product or technology to market.

The business plan must include an analysis of the existing market, analyzing potential buyers, suppliers, current competition, the culture of the market regarding of product, potential future competitors, and potential substitute technologies. It should then describe the product, its target market, expected price, promotional plans, and how it will be delivered to the customer.  Finally, the business plan should include staffing and facilities plans, as well as ultimate profit goals.

Make a business plan and a business pitch (video).

  • The business plan must be no more than 15 pages long, including 2 page executive summary.
  • The Business Model Canvas: The business plan can be done also with The Business Model Canvas tool. You can learn more about the Business Model Canvas tool (one example in finnish, Innokylä). You can print the layout from the same web site or create your own layout (digital or paper).
  • Video: Present your project as a business pitch, using your Powerpoint/Prezi presentation in a business-like setting. The presentation should be no more than 5 minutes.

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